Monday, December 12, 2016

Konflikt 47 Russian Starter Box and Terror Unit

Over the past few months I started playing Konflikt 47 and began work on a Russian army.  I have already painted a 1500 point army for the game however it is more of a Bolt Action Army and lacks the unique units of K47.  Recently Warlord release the Russian starter box and the Terror Squad.  So lets dive into what I picked up this weekend.  The first group of pictures show all the paper goods that come in the starter box and check out those decals. 

Next up are the infantry models and you get 5 spurs of infantry and the new pin markers.  

 With the new K47 kits the tanks are full kits that have a regular turret and the new turret for the game.  The resin turrets look amazing and great detail.

The heavy infantry are not new and I already painted up a unit.  You get 5 in the box however they included the new sledge hammer arm and it looks great.  I will be painting up another model using this army to the unit NCO.  

Now the center piece of the box set, the walker.  This a light walker and it is very large.  I could not resist and has to start building it.  I have two weapon options and will be magnetizing them so I can switch them out.  Not sure I will be putting this model on a base or not, it is large and that would be a lot of base. 

Last up are the new Terror Squad of zombies that resist fire with sub machine guns.  They come 5 to a blister and took a few pictures of the models.   I am excited to get these models on the table and see what they can do. 

So now that I finished my army I get to add to the army with all these cool new toys.