Friday, December 2, 2016

Blood Bowl

So last week Blood Bowl hit the shelves at local game stores around the world making for a true Black Friday for game store owners.  I know for my local shop their was a line of us waiting to purchase all the new Blood Bowl goodness.  I picked up everything that was released and plan to continue collecting all the new products for this game.

So I purchased the box game that still have the Orc and Human teams plus everything I need to play the game.  I also picked up the Skaven team and dice, the dice are real nice and have sold out and now people are trying to sell them for $30 on eBay.  The Death Zone Season One book has more teams that have not been released yet and league play rules. I think GW is taking a page from Guild Ball and releasing Season Books to update rules and teams.  It is a good way to keep the game moving forward and some rule changes can be made from season to season without redoing the rule book.  

Now with this new version of Blood Bowl out and people playing the game again I decided to finish by pitch that I started years ago.  I was concern with the new models not fitting on my pitch because they are on larger bases.  Well it turns out they will fit just fine and I will not need to make a new pitch. 

I moved forward and finished my pitch and it will be getting its first game play tomorrow.  Now I just have to wait till GW releases EPIC again......... Maybe one day


Thor said...

Nice work on the pitch. Might need some blood stains on the field though ;)

I think we'll see a slow and steady trickle of BB teams getting released. Release one, let everyone buy it up, then release the next, etc. It's fine by me. I'm just glad to have the game back.

Dagreenskins said...

Thor maybe as we play on the pitch we will add some blood stains for amazing plays that take place.

Inhir said...

You don't need to wait for epic! play today!