Saturday, November 19, 2016

Hobby Room Update: Paint Rack

Earlier this year I renovated my Hobby Room which was overdue.  I needed to renovate my room so I could store more models as my collections grows and hide more stuff from my wife.  It is also a well known fact that I am a model hoarder and rarely sell anything off.  So I recently ran into a problem with my new desk and I didn't have a place to keep all the different products that I use for painting.  I am not married to one brand of paint and the paint rack I purchased was not working.  Many of the products I use didn't fit in the holes and I ended up keeping paints on my desk.  It just made my desk cluttered as you can see in the picture below.   

So I was looking online and just really couldn't find a paint rack that was going to work for me so I made my own.  I wanted a rack that would hold all types of paints and products that I use on a regular basis and maximized my space.  So I can up with this design.

This rack was made using scraps of wood left over from a another project.  It is not perfect because the wood was bowed but it provided me with all the measurements I needed.  Each row inside dimensions are 13.5 by 1.5 inches.  It is three rows so I can arrange my paints in triads: base, layer and highlight.  The rows are wide enough to hold all the brands of paint that I use from the cheap craft paint to the new large GW wash pots.  It really made a difference once I had it set up.

Because I made this rack to work in my space it fits perfectly on my storage box and is much smaller.  I can now keep my spray cans in back of the rack and have a space in front of the rack to keep the paint that I am using at the moment.  Until I build another rack with better lumber I set up my work space using both paint racks. 

My desk does look a lot better and more organized.  I will build two more of these racks with better lumber to fit each box.  I will stain them and should finish my desk off unit I run into other problems.