Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Band of Painters November 2016

Well completed my next installment for Band of Painters.  I went a bit crazy and finished more then 250 points.    I actually went over 250 but it is all good because this gives me more models to change my army around.   

 This is my command staff.  I have a Second Lieutenant (Vet 65 pts)
Commissar with the Flag (Inexperienced 22 pts)

Assault Engineer Squad of 8 with Body Armour, Flame Thrower, SMG and LMG (Vets 205 pts)

Heavy Machine Gun Team ( Vets 91 pts) 

So next up will be my first unit of stuff that is specific to K47.  Warlord is starting to release models for the Russians and British and I picked up the Heavy Infantry.