Thursday, November 24, 2016

Band of Painters: December 2016

So back in September a small group of us joined together to create what we called "Band of Painters".  The goal for this was simple, paint 250 points worth of models each month for a Konflikt '47 army.  For the most part I have been staying on track getting my models painted on schedule.  I feel that I am one of the only painters still doing only 250 points a month.  The challenge I have been faced with is the lack of Konflikt '47 models for the Russian army.  Most of what I have been painting is just a Bolt Action army and I had a proxy model I used as a Light Walker.  Well Warlord is finally getting some Russians model out and in December we should see more releases.  The first release for the Russians and British were their Heavy Infantry.  I picked up a few blisters of Russians and got them painted up.  I actually got them on the table a few weeks back and had a blast marching them around.  They are great antitank infantry and are brutal in close combat. 

I also finished a Medic and a Flamethrower team.  I put these in my army just to give me some extra dice and I had the models sitting around.  So I finished these early so I can focus on all the cool releases coming out in December.  I also now have 1000 points of Russians painted and that was the goal of "Band of Painters".  We want people to see painted armies on the table and get other excited about the game. 


Robert Brightwell said...

Nice stuff! You are almost ready for some BA2 games.

Dagreenskins said...

Hey Rob I have a few more units to have 1000 points for BA2. I am pushing to have them done by the end of the month.