Sunday, October 9, 2016

Universal Wound, Morale and Fatigue Counters

I play a lot of games that require players to track Wounds, Morale and Fatigue.  I have collected many different tokens and markers to track these things during games.  So I decided to create a universal counter that can be used for these games.  I took a washer and a nail and glued them together.

I then did some base work, primer and paint.

I now can use these to track different things things during games I play.  I am using skulls to track the wounds, morale or fatigue and each stand can hold five skulls.  If I need more then I will use a Red bead and then stack more skulls.


Robert Brightwell said...

Neat idea! And it's Morale...just sayin

Dagreenskins said...

That is what happens when I try to do a blog post while the debate was on.