Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Kings of War: Ancients

Kings of War is a game that I have been interested in playing for some time.  I still have not played the game however I am still moving forward painting my multi purpose army.  Last week I finished some more Minas Tirith models that will be used for Lord of the Rings and KoW.  I have about 40 more of these models to finish before I get back to painting my Templar Knights.  This army will now also be used for Kings of War: Ancients. 

Mantic games is going to be releasing Kings of War: Ancients in the next few months and this has really peaked my interest.  Today I was listening to a pod cast, Counter Charge episode CC112, and they talked about this new version of KoW.  This rule system will not be a strong historical game like Hail Caesar but more of a Hollywood style game.  All the armies will be built using a shared army list for basic units based off the Kingdom of Men.  Then each army list will have Legendary Heroes, unique special units and even fantasy type units like dragons or giants.  The players can choose to play without the fantasy and characters keeping it more historical or just go crazy with all army units.  The rules will mirror KoW with a few changes just like Warlord did with Konflikt 47.

I am excited about these new rules because I have a large late Roman army already painted that I was in the process of re-basing and touching up the paint.  This is a project that has been placed on hold because I was distracted by new games or other shiny models.  I now have a reason to pull this army out and get back to work on it.  I don't know if I will be able to get this project started this year with the holidays coming up and other commitments but will be a great way to start off 2017.