Monday, August 8, 2016

Warlord Games: Konflikt 47

It was many months ago when Warlord announced a new rule system called Konflikt '47.  I didn't really follow the progress of another game that I would not get on the table.  The game is still a WW2 game with some new units making it more of a pulp or weird WW2 type game.  It feels more like Dust Tactics which is a game that I have always had an interest in playing.

On Saturday the local shop received their first order of Konflikt '47 and I was impressed with the new models.  I decided to pick up the rules to see what this new game is all about.  The selling point for this game is that the rules are still the same as Bolt Action and I was hoping to see some of the new rules that will be in Bolt Action 2.  Just to give everyone a heads up, same rules as the current version of Bolt Action.  They did add some new reactions for units but all the information we are hearing about Bolt Action 2 are not in this new game.  That tells me that these rules were written and sent off to the printers prior to updating the rules for Bolt Action.  Not really a big deal they will either put out an errata after Bolt Action 2 comes out or I will just use the Bolt Action 2 rules. 

Another good selling point for this game is I don't need to paint up another army.  I can just add the new units to my current armies and I am ready to play a new game.  These new models can also be used for Pulp Alley so I will be able to use my armies for three different games.  Even thou I don't have to paint a new army I will be painting up a new army as part of an event I can't talk about yet.

The rule book only has 4 army lists, USA/German/Russians and British.  Each nation has it own identity with how they used this new technology to great weapons or creatures.  The armies are all built using the same reinforced platoon list and no theater selector at this time.  Now all these new units come with a lot of special rules making them different.  You can also just build an army not using the new models and still play the game.  That could make for some interesting gaming that I might have to try a few times for fun.

I will be promoting and pushing this game in the local gaming community along with my buddy Tim.  I hope this game brings some new players to the table for this game and Bolt Action.  I will keep my blog page updated with more news as it becomes available.