Friday, July 29, 2016

Kings of War: Universal Army

So I have made some additional progress with my Kingdom of Men army for KoW.  This is all part of my Universal Army that will be used for other games and not just KoW.  I finished up some more Knights Templar's for my Crescent and the Cross.  These are Fire Forge models and they are fun to paint.  I am happy with how the White is coming out and can't wait to get these model on the table.

I also started playing Lord of the Rings again since GW is planning to start pushing this game again.  I was challenged by one of the players, TK, to paint up 10 models in one week for an army aligned with good.  So I am not one to walk away from a challenge and I painted up 12 Warriors of Minas Tirith.  It was fun to push myself to really focus on painting and getting stuff accomplished.  I only had one box of these models and I would have to buy more to make a full army.  I lucked out at a local Gamers Garage Sale last weekend and picked up more models dirt cheap to finish out this army to  600 point list for LotR and some units for KoW.  These models scale up perfect with the Fire Forge models.  I also went with a splash of Red to help them match my other models.   


fireymonkeyboy said...

Like those Notemplars. Where did you hear GW was going to actively push LotR again?


Dagreenskins said...

They are showing new models at Forge World Days and a new rule book. It will most likely be a Specialist Game and not a main product line.

Tom O said...

Looking good...keep your momentum going.

fireymonkeyboy said...

Cool! Followed up at the local Gdub today. Late fall for the big book, and then a roll out of back models. Spiffy!

Dagreenskins said...

One book to rule them all lol