Sunday, July 3, 2016

I need a Universal Army

Back in the day we didn't have many games or game companies to choose from.  We all played games from GW at some point and many of us were loyal to their brand.  Over the years GW has shafted the consumers with price increases and rules changes causing many loyal customers to look for other game and miniature companies. 

Now days we have a large selection of games to choose from and so many more miniature companies to purchase models from.  We can now find a rule system and miniatures for just about every time period that we have an interest in.  I feel this is a result of Kickstarter, 3D sculpting and printing.  So now days I find myself not being loyal to one company and not willing to paint up a large army due to past experiences. 

I was listening to an interview with Gav Thorp and he used a word to describe what I have become, "Butterfly Gamer".  He explained that today's gamer does not want to commit to painting the large armies and will only play a game for a few months then move on to another game.  It was eye opening to hear him say this and I could relate that I have been a "Butterfly Gamer" and I was not getting anything done. 

This self discovery has caused me to work on a universal army that can be used for multiple rule systems and build up to a large scale force.  Over the past year I started collecting miniatures from Fire Forge, GW and other companies for games that I want to play.  I will start building an army that can be used for multiple games and each model painted will grow my army towards a large army for those big games we use to play back in the day. 

So what an I working on, well the goal is to build a large Kingdom of Men army for Kings of War.  I am going to use a mixture of miniatures from different companies and these models can be used for other games.  I will start by building and painting a army for Crescent and the Cross (Saga) Templar army.  I will paint up 6 points of Templar on foot and 4 points on cavalry.  These models will make up the majority of my army for Kings of War.  I will also be painting up some Bretonnia Knights to be used in Age of Sigmar.  I know that these models don't scale up correctly but they will not be in the same unit so it should work out just fine.  I will also be painting up the models that I got for Frostgrave to be used for Kings of War also.  I guess the goal at the end of the day is to paint up miniatures for all the small skirmish games that I have miniatures for to build an army for a larger game.  This will be a long term project that might take a few years to complete but it will be very rewarding.  Having one army to be used for multiple games will keep me motivated to completing this task. 

Kingdom of Men Army:
Kings of War
Age of Sigmar
Hail Caesar
Open Combat


Tom O said...

Well said...I am a "butterfly gamer" as well. Good start on the Templars; looks like I should move my Saracens up in my painting queue.