Sunday, May 22, 2016

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

So GW has been talking about bringing back Specialist Games and this has created a lot of conversation with many people I know.  So this week was the release of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, I picked up a copy and got to work on it.  I am really impressed with what GW is doing with this game.  They updated the models to fit in the AoS world and they are expanding the heroes from their regular model line.  If you download the app you can purchase stats for 37 more heroes for the game.  They also added a new hero in this weeks issue of WD, I am sure they will be releasing more in the future. 

Later this year they will be releasing an updated version of Blood Bowl and this is very exciting.  There are also rumors that EPIC will be returning and many other games.  We could be entering in a new Golden Era of gaming for a new generation who never played these amazing games.

So check out Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower