Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Marvel Miniatures

So prior to me renovating my hobby room I started on a small gaming project.  Tim and I were asked to host some games at the upcoming Comicon in Arizona.  I am going to host my up scaled version of Thunder Alley, which by the way is done I just need to write up a blog post on it, and Tim is going to host the new Marvel game from Knight Models.  In my usual fashion I jumped right in purchased a bunch of models and started painted.  Outside of my usual fashion I finished this project before moving on to my next project.  I am playing the Avengers and my team is made up of Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor.  I also have Black Panther but he still needs to be painted and he should paint up easy. 

I will say these models look great but have some issues with a few things.  First, the models are made in a way that limits any verity with poses.  It is just the way the models are made and you just cant do much to change the poses.  Second, some of the models are mounted on rock formations and some are not.  The bases are also molded with some rocks.  Not sure why Knight Models did this and I really didn't like the bases.  Lastly, some of the detail lines are thin and shallow on Captain America's shield and when I painted the shield I lost the detail.  Outside of these few issues the models when together nicely with not much in the way of mold lines.  I really like the fact that when you purchase a starter army you get a copy of the rules in the blister with the models.  This is a simple game and should be a big hit at Comicon.