Monday, May 30, 2016

GW Technical Paint

So I recently picked up some of the new GW Technical Paint: Agrellan Earth.  I was interested in the cracked earth look on bases and this stuff is advertise as doing so.  I messed around with it and was amazed how well it works.  Depending on the look you want determines what prep is required.  If you want a mild cracking then don't prep the base and just paint on a healthy coat of the paint on the base.  I wanted a real cracked earth look so applied a coat of white glue on the base and then a thick coat of the paint.  After the painted dried and cracked I gave it a heavy wash and some dry brushing.   


Tom O said...

Very interesting. As some know, I really dislike basing...this technique could make it easier for some things. Thanks for the review.