Friday, May 13, 2016

Con. Games: Thunder Alley

I finished my Thunder Alley board and worked out all the rule changes to make the game work.  We have played it a few times now and it works great and is ready for Phx Comicon next month.  Let me start with how the board was finished.

The board started out with just a gray background and the lines were black.

I wanted to add some color so I used a sponge to make the outside of the board look like grass.

Then to jazz it up I decided to paint the infield Red and the title of the game.

The yellow line had to be added to indicate the Pit Lane.  I wanted it to look worn like a real race track.

So a few concepts had to be changed to make this all work.  Since I eliminated the team cards I had to make cards.  This allows the players to select the cars for their team and have a bit more fun while playing.  I also wanted to get away from all the cardboard markers so I went with dry erase markers and simple damage boxes. 

The cars also had to be changed to track needed information.  I took a nail and glued it to the base.  This allows me to use plastic beads to indicate the team color and if a car has gone or not.  The bottom bead indicates the team color and the white bead indicates if the car has gone or not.  Also, if the car is lapped I have some orange beads that indicates that the car has been lapped. 

Here is the game in all its glory being played at our local game store, IOG.