Friday, March 18, 2016

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Back in November of 2015 Warlord Games released Beyond the Gates of Antares (Gates) and I decided to give it a run.  At first I thought it would just be a re-skin of Bolt Action (BA) using D10's and I was wrong.  Thou the game has some similarities to BA it is a totally different game and is fun to play.  The only mechanic that carried over from BA is the pulling of dice from a bag/cup and issuing orders.  Everything else in the game has improved and it has more detail than BA.  If you are interested in reviews and game play I would suggest checking out the Warlord YouTube Channel. 

Trying to get a new game up in running these days is a lot harder than it use to be.  So many game choices on the market right now and new ones being added everyday.  The local shop owner had asked my buddy Tim and I if we would start hosing demos of the game to help create some interest in the community.  We both painted up the models that came in the starter box and hosting demo of the game.  I painted the Ghar late last year and they turned out good.

After we finished the starter box the shop owner gave us another box full of miniatures to paint up for the store.  If we are going to demo a game we need to make sure the game looks good on the table and customers can see different models.  I took on the Boromites and just finished them today.  We are painting up 500 point armies to be used in the shop so people can play it and get a feel for the different armies. 

I also picked up a piece of terrain specific to Gates and decided to try and use my airbrush on it.  Learning to use my airbrush is a goal for this year and why not paint up some terrain learning.  It turned out okay and the pictures really don't show the color shading very well at all.

This is one game I am getting excited about and new models are being released to help grow the different armies.  With everything Warlord has going on this year I might be changing my focus to just Gates and BA.  I am taking a harder look at all the games Warlord currently produces and what they have coming out in the future.  They are creating some interesting games right now and I look forward to see what this do the rest of this year. 


Jerry said...

Looks good, Mike. This a game I've been meaning to try. I played a sample game with the starter box stuff. It was pretty good. I'll be looking into getting a faction of my own to play.

Dagreenskins said...

Jerry we have 4 factions painted up and ready to play at around 500 points each at the shop. I think we just have the Freeborn left to paint up. I could run you through a demo using one of those armies so you can get a feel for how they play. I am playing the Boromites today and we will see how they do against the Ghar.

Steven Kenniff said...

I would like to get a game together at Imperial Outpost if you guys can manage. I've only played one 500pt game so far and that was a while ago.

Dagreenskins said...

We are talking about doing something next year with Gates. I normally play on Saturday and would be up for a game. We can use the armies that IOG has in the display case.