Friday, February 26, 2016

Taking Another Look at Bolt Action

So last weekend I took part in a Bolt Action Event called Operation Torch.  I actually helped organize the event and I was a ringer to help balance out the two sides.  So how did I do during the event, well lets say my dice did not roll well for me.  I had a 0-2-3 result and my air observer ended up rolling Rockie Polite 3 times and the other players were able to take out my tank.  I had two games that were just hard to get through but it was a team event and I had to play them out.  Even thou my dice went south like old milk in the back of the refrigerator I still had fun.  The best thing that happened is the event has me looking at the game again.     

When Bolt Action first came out I was excited to play it.  I picked up some Americans and started playing the game.  It was an okay game but never really captured my attention and I stopped playing the game.  There were a few factors that caused me to to stop playing the game.  The first factor was me, I was going through a gamer funk and was not happy with any games since GW killed off LotR.  I also did not like a lot of the models Warlord was producing.  The resin tanks were just junk and their metal miniatures were not that exciting.  Things have changed with the game and I like the changes that have taken place.

The first thing that has changed with Bolt Action are the models.  Warlord and other manufactures are now producing plastic model kits for the tanks and they look amazing.  The cost of these new model kits are also not a bad price which keeps the game affordable.  Warlord has also done the same thing with the infantry models and other companies are making models expanding the availability of different army builds.  Warlord has also put out more Army and Campaign books offering more army list and unit options.  Just a lot of gets stuff going on with the game and the company and it looks more promising then it did when I stopped playing.

So even thou I did not have a single win during the event I am looking at the game again.  My first step is to finish my DAK army by adding more infantry and support weapons.  Since I used Perry Brother miniatures I need to order more of their miniatures so they scale up correctly.  The Perry Bother miniatures are more true scale and don't look right next to Warlord miniatures.  After that I will take an inventory of what I have and decide what army I will work on next.........


Tom O said...

I'm looking at the game again too. It is a "game", not a simulation by any means, and the theme aspect of the Campaign and everyone seeming to like that part of the event really says a lot about the attendees and the game. I'm looking forward to next year, and assume it'll be Normandy based on the votes I've seen...time to start planning...
Tom O