Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hobby Room Renovation

I have been considering renovating my hobby room for a few years now.  I have collected too much stuff and my room no longer works for me.  My work bench is bar stool height and after a few hours of painting my back starts to hurt.  So this year I am going to renovate my hobby room. 

The first step was to break down my work bench in the garage so I can move my hobby bench to the garage.  It took me two days cut my work bench in the garage down and rebuild it.



Now with that done I have to move my hobby bench out to the garage.  This will happen later this year because I want to finish a few projects before moving it out in the garage.  I just have a lot of stuff on it and in it that need to be stored. 

I am also considering removing the carpet and replacing it with wood floors to match the rest of our home.  Plus painting and adding a ceiling fan and more lights.  It is going to take time but it will get done mainly over the summer when it is too hot to do anything outside.