Friday, December 30, 2016

A Look Back at 2016

This was a productive year for me with gaming and painting.  I finished a Saga, Bolt Action, K47 and Marvel armies.  I also finished many random models and started a few new projects for future games.  I have been working hard just trying to get something painted every week so I can continue growing my painted collections. 

My biggest success in 2016 was renovating my gaming room and painting space for me.  My new desk and lighting has really helped me stay focused and I can just sit and paint for long periods of time.  When I get tired I just turn around and start playing my bass and life is good.

Another thing I started doing is listening to podcasts while painting.  It makes me feel like I am at the game shop just hanging out and painting while talking about gaming.  I listen to podcasts for games I don't play but the enthusiasm of the hosts just keeps me motivated. 

I have also been extremely active on social media, FB and Twitter.  I am able to reach out to other painters and talk about our hobbies.  I can find links on different painting techniques and just be amazed by all the amazing painters. 

So lets looks at the games I am played and plan on playing in 2017.

Sags:  Still a great game and I have invested a lot of time and energy into this game.  I built some amazing terrain for it and now have two painted armies.  I started a third army that I will finish up in 2017 and most likely will start another one when the new supplement is released, Age of Aurthur.

Bolt Action: We saw the release of BA Second Edition and they really changed the game.  I picked up the new rules but have not played a game.  I now have three armies for the game; USE, Germans and Russians.  I am sure I will get this game on the table in 2017 and who knows maybe another army painted.

Gate of Antares:  This game was released towards the end of 2015 and I was excited when it came out.  I actually painted up armies for the local store and hosted demos games with my buddy Tim.  We tried to get the game up and running but it fell flat.  Warlord was just slow getting new models out and it was hard to get people excited about it.  Throughout the year new models have come out and I am going to try to build a community up around the game again in 2017. 

Konflikt '47:  This was another new release from Warlord Games and it is a weird WW2 game.  I was attracted to it because I could just add a few units to my already existing armies plus it used the original BA rule set.  Once the game came out a group of us got together and started painting armies.  I picked up the Russians and have painted up over 1500 point army.  We have a small group playing on a regular basis and I have already started collecting my next army.  So plan on seeing more of this in 2017.

Blood Bowl:  Let me first say that GW has really turned their company around and are releasing some amazing products.  I have found myself looking at all their games again and might even start playing AOS and 40K.  I do know I will be playing Blood Bowl again and have already finished my custom board.  My first painting project for 2017 will be a Blood Bowl team and I am sure I will paint more then one.  The good thing about painting a Blood Bowl team is the fact you only have to paint 16 models.  I can do that in a couple of weeks.  The local shop is going to start a league in 2017 and I am planning on taking part in it. 

EPIC:  Yes I am playing EPIC again and very excited about it.  My buddy Anthony has started playing again and I was able to join in a few times.  He plays on Fridays and I can always get a Friday free to play, that is my day with the wife.  However, she recently took a promotion and might be working on Fridays more often leaving me free to play more EPIC.  I ordered all the units I need to finish my Necron army and I might start work on my Orcs again. 

Con Games:  This was a concept I came up with after attending a local gaming convention.  I set out to take board games and upscale them.  Something that you would want to play at a convention and just have fun.  The first game I created was Thunder Alley.  I build a board for it and used toy cars as the gaming pieces.  I was able to pull it out twice during the year and it was well received.  I am sure I will get this back on the table in 2017 and my next game is Blue Max, WW1 air combat.  I already have everything for this just want to get it on the table.

Spartan Games:  Well didn't do much with any of their games this year.  I really wanted to get Firestorm Armada and HALO going at the local shop.  The more I played their games the more I didn't like them.  I didn't sell off my stuff and maybe I will look at their games again in 2017 since I have painted fleets. 

So what are the plans for 2017....... I will continue to help build a community around the games I already play.  The best way to do that is just play games at the shop and get people excited about them.  I could say that these games will be the only games I will focus on but I can't say that.  There are so many great games already out and I am sure more coming out next year.  I have armies already painted for the games and will just continue painting more as time moves forward. 

Next year I will be attending Adepticon in March.  This is one of those things on my bucket list and my wife and I have saved up for this trip.  It is just going to be fun meeting the people I talk to on social media and new people that just enjoy the hobby.  I signed up for some painting classes and next year I am really going to focus on improving my painting skills.  Along with improving my painting skills I am determined to learn how to use my air brush.  I messed around with it last year and took a few classes.  I just didn't focus on it as much because it is just a pain in the ass to set everything up outside to paint.  With the renovations to my hobby room and the purchase of a spray booth I will be spending more time with my air brush.  My new spray booth will not arrive till next week and will fit on my new hobby desk.  Even if I just use it for priming and base coating it will improve the look of my models.

So that is my year in review.  I have finally settled on a few games that I enjoy and have painted armies for them.  This means I can not just focus on improving my painting skills and make room in my collection for a few more new games that have not yet been released.  I will also be blogging more and not just painted projects but more about what I am learning about painting.  I know that the internet is infested with all kings of advise and "how to" articles.  What I am going to be posting is just going to be documenting what I am learning and maybe creating some videos along the way.

I will see back next year


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Soviet Siberian Terror Squad

With just a few days left in the year I finished another unit of infantry for my K47 army.  These are the Siberian Terror Squad and basically zombies with guns that are resist fire.  They were fun to paint and should be a blast to play.  I built the units to be either two squads of 5 or one large squad of 9.  The leader models have dual weapons, one with two guns and the other with two knives.  Not a bad way to end the year. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Konflikt 47 Russian Starter Box and Terror Unit

Over the past few months I started playing Konflikt 47 and began work on a Russian army.  I have already painted a 1500 point army for the game however it is more of a Bolt Action Army and lacks the unique units of K47.  Recently Warlord release the Russian starter box and the Terror Squad.  So lets dive into what I picked up this weekend.  The first group of pictures show all the paper goods that come in the starter box and check out those decals. 

Next up are the infantry models and you get 5 spurs of infantry and the new pin markers.  

 With the new K47 kits the tanks are full kits that have a regular turret and the new turret for the game.  The resin turrets look amazing and great detail.

The heavy infantry are not new and I already painted up a unit.  You get 5 in the box however they included the new sledge hammer arm and it looks great.  I will be painting up another model using this army to the unit NCO.  

Now the center piece of the box set, the walker.  This a light walker and it is very large.  I could not resist and has to start building it.  I have two weapon options and will be magnetizing them so I can switch them out.  Not sure I will be putting this model on a base or not, it is large and that would be a lot of base. 

Last up are the new Terror Squad of zombies that resist fire with sub machine guns.  They come 5 to a blister and took a few pictures of the models.   I am excited to get these models on the table and see what they can do. 

So now that I finished my army I get to add to the army with all these cool new toys. 

Band Of Painters

As the year comes to an end I finished the last of my Russian army giving me a total of 1500 points.  This means I finished another army this year and that is exciting.  I really enjoy finishing a project however this army will still get worked on because Warlord released all the new models for the Russians and British.  I am going to do another post showing off all the new toys that will be added to this army and these well get painted after I finish a few other projects that are on my desk.

So what did I finish: Forward Air Observer, Veteran Infantry Squad, Medium Mortar Team.  I can now also pull out a few of the K47 units and have a 1000 point army for Bolt Action 2.  I have also been collecting models for my American army and that will be getting done next year.        

Friday, December 2, 2016

Blood Bowl

So last week Blood Bowl hit the shelves at local game stores around the world making for a true Black Friday for game store owners.  I know for my local shop their was a line of us waiting to purchase all the new Blood Bowl goodness.  I picked up everything that was released and plan to continue collecting all the new products for this game.

So I purchased the box game that still have the Orc and Human teams plus everything I need to play the game.  I also picked up the Skaven team and dice, the dice are real nice and have sold out and now people are trying to sell them for $30 on eBay.  The Death Zone Season One book has more teams that have not been released yet and league play rules. I think GW is taking a page from Guild Ball and releasing Season Books to update rules and teams.  It is a good way to keep the game moving forward and some rule changes can be made from season to season without redoing the rule book.  

Now with this new version of Blood Bowl out and people playing the game again I decided to finish by pitch that I started years ago.  I was concern with the new models not fitting on my pitch because they are on larger bases.  Well it turns out they will fit just fine and I will not need to make a new pitch. 

I moved forward and finished my pitch and it will be getting its first game play tomorrow.  Now I just have to wait till GW releases EPIC again......... Maybe one day

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Band of Painters: December 2016

So back in September a small group of us joined together to create what we called "Band of Painters".  The goal for this was simple, paint 250 points worth of models each month for a Konflikt '47 army.  For the most part I have been staying on track getting my models painted on schedule.  I feel that I am one of the only painters still doing only 250 points a month.  The challenge I have been faced with is the lack of Konflikt '47 models for the Russian army.  Most of what I have been painting is just a Bolt Action army and I had a proxy model I used as a Light Walker.  Well Warlord is finally getting some Russians model out and in December we should see more releases.  The first release for the Russians and British were their Heavy Infantry.  I picked up a few blisters of Russians and got them painted up.  I actually got them on the table a few weeks back and had a blast marching them around.  They are great antitank infantry and are brutal in close combat. 

I also finished a Medic and a Flamethrower team.  I put these in my army just to give me some extra dice and I had the models sitting around.  So I finished these early so I can focus on all the cool releases coming out in December.  I also now have 1000 points of Russians painted and that was the goal of "Band of Painters".  We want people to see painted armies on the table and get other excited about the game. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Hobby Room Update: Paint Rack

Earlier this year I renovated my Hobby Room which was overdue.  I needed to renovate my room so I could store more models as my collections grows and hide more stuff from my wife.  It is also a well known fact that I am a model hoarder and rarely sell anything off.  So I recently ran into a problem with my new desk and I didn't have a place to keep all the different products that I use for painting.  I am not married to one brand of paint and the paint rack I purchased was not working.  Many of the products I use didn't fit in the holes and I ended up keeping paints on my desk.  It just made my desk cluttered as you can see in the picture below.   

So I was looking online and just really couldn't find a paint rack that was going to work for me so I made my own.  I wanted a rack that would hold all types of paints and products that I use on a regular basis and maximized my space.  So I can up with this design.

This rack was made using scraps of wood left over from a another project.  It is not perfect because the wood was bowed but it provided me with all the measurements I needed.  Each row inside dimensions are 13.5 by 1.5 inches.  It is three rows so I can arrange my paints in triads: base, layer and highlight.  The rows are wide enough to hold all the brands of paint that I use from the cheap craft paint to the new large GW wash pots.  It really made a difference once I had it set up.

Because I made this rack to work in my space it fits perfectly on my storage box and is much smaller.  I can now keep my spray cans in back of the rack and have a space in front of the rack to keep the paint that I am using at the moment.  Until I build another rack with better lumber I set up my work space using both paint racks. 

My desk does look a lot better and more organized.  I will build two more of these racks with better lumber to fit each box.  I will stain them and should finish my desk off unit I run into other problems.    

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Band of Painters November 2016

Well completed my next installment for Band of Painters.  I went a bit crazy and finished more then 250 points.    I actually went over 250 but it is all good because this gives me more models to change my army around.   

 This is my command staff.  I have a Second Lieutenant (Vet 65 pts)
Commissar with the Flag (Inexperienced 22 pts)

Assault Engineer Squad of 8 with Body Armour, Flame Thrower, SMG and LMG (Vets 205 pts)

Heavy Machine Gun Team ( Vets 91 pts) 

So next up will be my first unit of stuff that is specific to K47.  Warlord is starting to release models for the Russians and British and I picked up the Heavy Infantry. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Making Terrain

So I have been slowing getting into making terrain over the past few years.  It all started with me building 4ground buildings for Saga and some terrain for the local game store.  A few weeks back I starting watching YouTube videos by The Terrain Tutor.  He provides instructional videos on making old school gaming terrain built from stuff found at the hardware store.  I was really inspired by his videos and decided to venture into making some terrain from scratch.

My first terrain project were hedges that will be used as LOS blockers and add some color to the table.  I cut out some MDF into 6 X 1.5 sections.  I glued some Blue Foam (High Density Foam) that was cut out to 6 x 1.5 X .75.  Once the glue was dry I rounded all the corners with a sanding block and painted the foam.  I painted the foam bark brown and the base tan.  Then I just started gluing the clump flock on with PVA glue.  This was a slow process, I would glue flock on one side and let it dry for a few hours, then the other side.  After both sides had dried then I would finish the top and both ends.  PVA glue is messy to work with and if you don't let it dry the clump flock falls off.  The last step was to cover all the clump flock with watered down PVC glue.  I actually did this a few different time just make sure the clump flock was secure and sturdy to hold up to gaming.  Very important note, when you get the PVA glue wet is will soften and can cause the clump flock to come off.  It is import to just be careful when applying the watered down PVC glue.

I am very happy with the results and they will be hitting the table this weekend.  My next project will be barbwire hazards.   

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Universal Wound, Morale and Fatigue Counters

I play a lot of games that require players to track Wounds, Morale and Fatigue.  I have collected many different tokens and markers to track these things during games.  So I decided to create a universal counter that can be used for these games.  I took a washer and a nail and glued them together.

I then did some base work, primer and paint.

I now can use these to track different things things during games I play.  I am using skulls to track the wounds, morale or fatigue and each stand can hold five skulls.  If I need more then I will use a Red bead and then stack more skulls.

Band of Painters October 2016

So kicking off this month with another 250 points towards my Russian army.  I added another unit of infantry with 11 men and one with a LMG.  I also found a model from another company that I can use as a light walker.  Warlord will not have any of the weird war stuff out until next month so this gives me something to play with until then.  So I am currently at 500 points of my 1000 point goal.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Kings of War: Ancients

Kings of War is a game that I have been interested in playing for some time.  I still have not played the game however I am still moving forward painting my multi purpose army.  Last week I finished some more Minas Tirith models that will be used for Lord of the Rings and KoW.  I have about 40 more of these models to finish before I get back to painting my Templar Knights.  This army will now also be used for Kings of War: Ancients. 

Mantic games is going to be releasing Kings of War: Ancients in the next few months and this has really peaked my interest.  Today I was listening to a pod cast, Counter Charge episode CC112, and they talked about this new version of KoW.  This rule system will not be a strong historical game like Hail Caesar but more of a Hollywood style game.  All the armies will be built using a shared army list for basic units based off the Kingdom of Men.  Then each army list will have Legendary Heroes, unique special units and even fantasy type units like dragons or giants.  The players can choose to play without the fantasy and characters keeping it more historical or just go crazy with all army units.  The rules will mirror KoW with a few changes just like Warlord did with Konflikt 47.

I am excited about these new rules because I have a large late Roman army already painted that I was in the process of re-basing and touching up the paint.  This is a project that has been placed on hold because I was distracted by new games or other shiny models.  I now have a reason to pull this army out and get back to work on it.  I don't know if I will be able to get this project started this year with the holidays coming up and other commitments but will be a great way to start off 2017.