Saturday, November 28, 2015

30 Germans in 30 Days

When this month started I knew I had a lot that needed to get done.  My wife had two craft fairs I helped out with, the in laws spent a weekend with us and we had Thanks Giving.  I decided to push myself and attempt to paint up the infantry units for my DAK army.  This army is going to be used for an event next year called Operation Torch.  I had already painted a Panzer 4 and a Half Track.  Now the heart of my army is done, three units of 10 including a Light Machine Gun in each unit.  Now I just need to paint up the Commander and a few other special weapons and I will be done. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Con. Games: Thunder Alley Board

Like many of my ideas, they seem to come and go like the seasons.  This one has stuck with me and I continue to make progress on transforming Thunder Alley.  My last post about this showed the board on a some poster board.  I was able to take that and transfer it to a MDF board.

I started out with some recycled shipping containers that Tim had at his work.  I had to cut them down in size and drew the main lines I needed to create the track.

I than drew the track out on the board and filled in all the screw holes.  This was to make sure I had all my measurements correct and liked the way it looked.

After I was satisfied with everything I used a wide tipped Sharpie to trace over the lines.  I wanted the lines larger so I

With the board all done it was time to get some paint on it.  I took some 1/8 tape and did my best to mask off the lines.  Then I hit with with some primer/paint.

Once the paint was dried I pulled off that tape and was amazed with the result.

Happy with the result I did the second side and now have a completed race track for Thunder Alley.

Now I need to have the bases made for the cars and figure out some of the game mechanics to make this all work.  You can  also tell that my track is a bit longer then the one supplied with the game.  I added those two extra spaces in the straightaway to make the board longer.

I know the next few weeks I will not get a chance to work on this project with the holidays approaching.  I will sneak away when I can however I don't see me doing much more until next year.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving