Sunday, March 29, 2015

More Warriors

One more unit of Warriors finished, my Viking army for Saga is now at 5 points.  I have to paint up a leader and one more point to put me at 6 points.  I am getting excited to get this army on the table and start playing.  At one time in my gaming life I would have played this game with my miniatures unpainted.  I have gotten away from that and don't want to play with unpainted miniatures once I decide I want to play a game.  I have to get back at it, 12 more models to build and paint. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

America War of Independence

I have been enjoying the rules released by Tomahawk Studios and Muskets and Tomahawks is another game I want to get on the table.  The tag line for the rules system is "Skirmishes in North America during the 18th century".  The rules focus around the French and Indian wars but they added a section for the America War of Independence.  Just like Saga the game does not require a large collection of models to play.  I picked up one box of British for AWI with 38 models and have more then enough to play a fun game.  So I put them together last week, the Perry Brothers did a great job on these plastic miniatures.  This week I test painted one of my regular infantry and I am really happy with my work.  Now I need to finish my Viking force but these models are up next.