Saturday, December 26, 2015

Some More Vikings

2015 started out with me painting Vikings for Saga and I will finish 2015 still painting Vikings for Saga.  I played a lot of Sage in 2015 and really enjoy the game.  My first army was made up of WarGame Factory models and didn't like the way they looked on the table.  I have slowly been repainting some miniatures I picked up from my friend Tom.  The army will be made up of different manufactures but will look great when it is done.  I still have 8 more models that need to be repainted but for now these 6 are finished.

I am sure we will continue to play Saga in 2016 and I have the 4Ground Great Hall to build.  What was I thinking when I ordered that..........


Tom O said...

Nice re-work on these. I really like your basing too. There will be more SAGA for me in 2016 as well.

Mike Wilster said...

Thanks Tom I am looking forward to some great games of Saga next year