Saturday, November 7, 2015

Con. Games: Thunder Alley Board

Like many of my ideas, they seem to come and go like the seasons.  This one has stuck with me and I continue to make progress on transforming Thunder Alley.  My last post about this showed the board on a some poster board.  I was able to take that and transfer it to a MDF board.

I started out with some recycled shipping containers that Tim had at his work.  I had to cut them down in size and drew the main lines I needed to create the track.

I than drew the track out on the board and filled in all the screw holes.  This was to make sure I had all my measurements correct and liked the way it looked.

After I was satisfied with everything I used a wide tipped Sharpie to trace over the lines.  I wanted the lines larger so I

With the board all done it was time to get some paint on it.  I took some 1/8 tape and did my best to mask off the lines.  Then I hit with with some primer/paint.

Once the paint was dried I pulled off that tape and was amazed with the result.

Happy with the result I did the second side and now have a completed race track for Thunder Alley.

Now I need to have the bases made for the cars and figure out some of the game mechanics to make this all work.  You can  also tell that my track is a bit longer then the one supplied with the game.  I added those two extra spaces in the straightaway to make the board longer.

I know the next few weeks I will not get a chance to work on this project with the holidays approaching.  I will sneak away when I can however I don't see me doing much more until next year.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving


Tim Kulinski said...

Nice man I think a grass in field will look good.