Monday, October 12, 2015

Rincon 2015

Well I went to my first convention at the start of the month and had a blast.  My buddy Tim and I started this year talking about going to Chicago for AdeptiCon but due to cash flow issues we decided not to attend.  We discovered a convention in our own backyard, Rincon.  This is a small convention held in Tuscon Az. and is mostly board and card games.  They had a few miniature games scheduled but very few.  Tim mentioned we should demo Pulp Alley and contacted the event organizer.  So we drove down to Tuscon and spent the weekend teaching other people how to play Pulp Alley.  We had two different boards set up, the desert board was for "Over Due Book Hunt" and the other was for "Things Go Bump In The Night".  We didn't know what to expect and the response was good and we had players for all of our games.  It was a great weekend and we had fun just being around other people playing games. 

I really didn't take a lot of pictures but Tim did and I was able to steal his photos from Twitter, have I mentioned how much I like Twitter.  I really like Twitter. 

While at the event someone set up an upscale version of Settlers of Catan and people were having a blast playing it.  It was so big players had to walk on the board to place their game pieces.  Tim and I started talking and to us that is what a convention is all about.  It is getting together with other people to play games a bit differently.

Tim and I continued to talked about how we could get more involved with Rincon and host games that would be more appealing to the people attending and still have a bit of miniatures feel to them.  It didn't take us long to decide on a game after we played Formula D.  This is a fun game that many people are familiar with and easy to teach new players.  So over the next few months we will be designing and an upscale version of Formula D.  I have already purchased the cars, they are 1:64 scale Matchbox cars now we just need to build the board.