Thursday, October 22, 2015

Con. Games: Thunder Alley

Living in Arizona we are home of Phoenix International Raceway and they host Nascar races every year.  I decided to postpone working on Formula D and started work on Thunder Alley, it is just a better fit in my community.  Also, creating an oval track will be easy and I can get this on the table faster then Formula D.  I started working on the track using poster board to get my measurements and make sure this will work.

I made the track a bit longer than the original by adding two more spaces in the straight section and it will 48 X 24.  I also already purchased all the cars for this game, I found older cars from the 90's in 1:64 scale.

I really like the advertisement on the older cars because they are products I grew up with.  Next I need to finish the wood boards that I will use to create the track on.  I should be able to have this game up and running in the next few months.  I will take what I learn making this track to create the Formula D track.   


Robert Brightwell said...

Do you have a Vanstar car in that lot? I used to work for them in the 90's.

Mike Wilster said...

I have a lot off cool cars but I don't have that one. I will have to see if I can track one down on ebay.