Friday, September 18, 2015

Random Models

I recently finished some models that have been sitting on my bench.  I am still working on my rehab Viking army and finished a few more models.

Next up is my Orc Boss for AOS.  This is a great model however it is all metal and might not see much table time.  I pinned all the parts and pieces together but if it falls over I'm not confident that it won't fall apart.  Might have to go out and pit up the plastic version in the future. 

I also painted up a magic caster.  I have always liked this model and it was so much fun to paint.

I also started work on a German force for Flames of War.  I will be taking part in a Kursk campaign and I will be running just tanks.  I went with Plastic Soldier Company models and they went together nicely.  This will be the start of my Panzer 4 company.  I decided to go with just a tan color and no camo for this fist batch of tanks.  The next batch will have some camo just to make things look different as I paint the army.