Friday, July 31, 2015

New Game with Old Game Feel

I am always chasing games from my past that I enjoyed playing.  Buying used armies and rule books just like many guys my age buy old sport cars.  Yes, I am at a midlife crisis trying to relive my youth and have been for many years.  If you go back 10-15 years, before Kickstarter and all the advancements in technology, GW was the main miniatures company and they produced some of the best games every.  Many of their older games are still played even thou GW does not even make models for them.  My favorite game is EPIC, love pushing around small forces of destruction in mass combat. 

With age comes changes to ones body and with the companies that stood on top of the mountain.  GW now really only produces two games, 40K and AoS, and all their other games are OOP.  Chasing these old games is getting harder and people are demanding crazy prices for the older miniatures.  I had to throw in the towel when it comes to collecting these relic of my past and move forward. 

Moving forward there is a new game that have captured the attention of me and a few other older gamers, FrostGrave.  This is a game designed for campaign play and is all about your wizard and war band in the ancient ruins of Felstad.  The rules are written by Joseph A. McCullough and published by Osprey.  The miniatures are amazing and they are from North Star.  You can really use any miniatures you have in your collection but I picked up the Solider pack along with a Wizard pack.

I have not played the game yet just reading the rules and it has a very familiar feel to it.  You have 500 gp to go out and build your war band to go out and find treasures and relics.  After each game you get more items to increase you skills, learn more spells or make a stronger war band.  Nothing earth shattering with the rules so far and it feels much like Mordheim in a new world.  It will be fun to get this game on the table and see if it will help me with my middle life crisis.