Saturday, July 4, 2015

Age of Sigmar

So GW has released "Age of Sigmar" and it seems people are divided between liking it or hating it.  I will be the first to say I have not been happy with GW since they dropped all of their Specialist Games and killed Lord of the Rings.  When I heard they were working on a new version of WFB I didn't get excited because I was not going to spend $85 on a rule book.  It turns out that they released the 4 pages of rules in WD 75 and everything is available to download from their website for free.  Since I have a ton of Orc and Goblin models and the rules are free I decided to take a look.   

Now I am not a game reviewer and there are plenty of opinions already on the web.  If you want to hate it you can find those reviews and if you want to like it you can find those reviews.  For me, WFB was one of my favorite games and I was so let down when they release 8th edition.  The game just went away in my gaming community and people just moved on.  I can only assume that GW decided to go in a new direction for a reason, most likely had something to do with sales.  This game is a complete departure of how you play a GW game.  It has no point value or army construction and is more like a Black Powder or Hail Caesar feel, bring your collection to the table and have fun.  It is not a true skirmish game, it is a unit style game like 40K or Bolt Action.  The army construction can be abused if someone wants to, since nothing has a point value and no army construction someone could just load the table with their best units for the win.  They did include some fluff army lists in the back of the army books that look like fun to play.  I see AoS as a causal game for friends to push some models around on the table and roll some dice.  For those that still want the blocks of miniatures on the table this is not that game anymore and you might want to look at Kings of War.  If you were a fan of Lord of the Rings this might be more suited for you.  End of the day, this is what we have.   

What is the future of AoS, it is GW so I am sure they are going to release more books and models to get us buying products.  The rules are too simple and does not really fit the GW business model.  Could this just be the first piece of a bigger puzzle to rebuild the WFB community.  I lost my crystal ball and once I find it I will know what the future holds but for right now FREE is good and I already have the models so I will give it a try and see if I like it.  GW is putting a lot of effort and money behind this and I am sure they are rolling the dice just like we all do.  It will be interesting to see how this all pans out for GW.