Friday, June 5, 2015

America's War of Independence (AWI)

I started my next long term project and that is going to be a British AWI army.  I purchased my miniatures from Blue Moon and they are more of an 18mm then 15mm.  The detail on the miniatures is good for their scale plus the cost of the miniatures is great.  Taking part in the Old Glory Army Deal and getting a 40% discount I can build a large army at a low cost. We will be using Black Powder rules to push these models around the table.  The advantage of using the BP rules is we don't need a large army to start playing.  We just need a few unit on the table so we can play the game and then add more units as they get painted.  So I was able to get started on my new project with two units.  They are painted however I still need to base them.  I will keep you posted as I progress with this army.

 1768 Warrant

Light Infantry 1768 Warrant


Jerry said...

Wow these really look good! Ambit of an inspiration for me too. I'm going to tackle some AWI models for tomahawks and muskets soon.

Mike Wilster said...

Tim and I gave that system a run last weekend and it was fun. I have some British for that as well but in 28mm.

Tom O said...

That's a good start Mike. I gotta get going on my AWI as well...soon hopefully.

Mike G. said...

Awesome looking stuff. I'm starting to get my 28mm stuff ready for Muskets and Tomahawks as well.

Robert Brightwell said...

Very nice!