Tuesday, April 14, 2015

America Civil War - Black Powder

On Saturday I was invited to take part in a large game of Black Powder (BP).  It was an amazing game and has really sparked my excitement about these rules.  BP is not your typical game system when it comes to building forces.  It is not about points, it is about playing scenarios or real battles that took place in history.  The scenario we played was rather simple, the confederates had to move across the table and capture the church at the other end of the table for the minor victory.  If we could also get that same brigade off the table that captured the church it would be a major victory.  The confederates had more troops and better leadership for their command roles.  We had 12 turns to accomplish these objectives.  The union just had to keep us from accomplishing our objectives. 

So this was our table, 6 feet wide by 12 feet long and the confederates set up 18 inches in on the short ends of the table.

The confederates did out number the union soldiers.  The game had more then 500 painted models on the table and it looked impressive.  The confederates had to set up in the woods for their deployment. 

BP is a game designed around command roles and failure of your command role basically ends your turn.  So we had a hard time getting out of the woods, even with high command values we kept failing our command roles.  We did finally make it to the battle field after a few turns.

The battle continues with the confederates suffering a lot of casualties along the way.  On turn 6 the union side received reinforcements, a cannon brigade and unit of troops.  The cannons really hit the confederates hard, especially me, I was out front getting ready to take the church.  We were able to accomplish a minor victory by taking over the church but it was not easy. 

It was just a great game we had 5 players commanding the confederates and 2 commanding the union.  It took over 4 hours to play the game and time went by fast.  The rules are good and are easy to learn and make for a great day of gaming. 


Robert Brightwell said...

Great pictures! Thanks for coming out and pushing some models around.

Tom O said...

Glad you enjoyed it! Now we need to start working on our 15mm AWI project for this game!