Sunday, March 29, 2015

More Warriors

One more unit of Warriors finished, my Viking army for Saga is now at 5 points.  I have to paint up a leader and one more point to put me at 6 points.  I am getting excited to get this army on the table and start playing.  At one time in my gaming life I would have played this game with my miniatures unpainted.  I have gotten away from that and don't want to play with unpainted miniatures once I decide I want to play a game.  I have to get back at it, 12 more models to build and paint. 


Robert Brightwell said...

Nice work!

Jerry said...

These look great, Mike. I've been seeing a lot of Vikings lately. It's getting me inspired to redo my own for Saga.

Mike Wilster said...

Thanks Rob as soon as a finish my last unit we need to get some games in.

Jerry it is a fun game and you really don't need that many models. I like it because of the dice mechanics in the game.

Tom O said...

Almost there Mike. Keep up the good work!