Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 "Lets Game"

2014 started out as planned, looking for a game that I could get excited about.  Nothing really took hold until the end of the year.  So instead of looking back at a year filled with personal set backs and loss I want to look forward to 2015.  My goal is going to be to play games and enjoy the friends in my life, my slogan for the year "Lets Game".  I am going to focus on why I game and what gets me excited about gaming.  I don't want to settle for a game just to play a game, I want to enjoy gaming and the hobby. 

First thing I will be working on in 2015 is how to use my new Airbrush my wife gave me as a gift on Christmas.  She set me up with a great Airbrush and compressor and I attempted my first project.  Its an asteroid that will be used for Xwing. 

Xwing is a great space combat game and I got in a few games and really enjoy playing the game.  Fantasy Flight has some great new releases coming out in 2015 and I plan to spend a lot of money on this game.  I will also be picking up Star Wars Armada when it is released.  I also have a copy of Star Wars Imperial Assault.  So you might see a Star Wars day being played during 2015.  Start with Armada, then some Xwing and finish with Imperial Assault.  That will be a fun day of gaming with friends.

Towards the end of 2015 I was re-introduced to Saga.  This was a game I had an interest in but never played because of the negative feedback I heard from other players.  After playing it for myself I was hooked on the game.  It is a fun game to play and I will be playing it more in 2015.  I already started working on my Viking force while watching reruns of Vikings. 

These are Wargame Factory models and the picture was taken after dipping the models, that is why they are so shinny.  These models are easy to paint and will be the first painting project for 2015.  I still need to track down a set of dice but luckily the Tim and Rob have some I can use for now, Thanks Guys. 

After I finish that project I will be staying on the Historical road and working on some British for America War of Independence.  This game will be done in two scales, 15mm and 25mm.  The rules systems that will be used are Black Powder for 15mm and Muskets and Tomahawks for 25mm.  This will also be one of the changes I want to make with my gaming in the future.  For big games that require Rank and File I want to do in 15mm and Skirmish gaming in 25/28mm.  The reason for this change is I want to game and don't have the time to paint up large collections of 25/28mm miniatures.  I tested painted one of my Blue Moon miniatures yesterday.

I still need to highlight the model and clean up some of the details but it only took about 10 minutes to get it to this point.  So while watching the new mini series Sons of Liberty I will be painting up some Brits. 

That is all I really have planned for 2015 and if that is all I get done I will be happy.  I will be working with Tim on some Pulp Alley stuff.  This is a fun game to play and has some unique gaming mechanics that makes each game different.  Not sure what I will be doing for this game but I will keep you posted.

I will also be waiting Warlords release of Beyond the Gates of Antares.  Currently you can download the Beta rules from the Warlord website and skimming through the rules it looks like Bolt Action in Space.  I will admit I am not a fan of Bolt Action for WW2 but in space it might work out better.  The reason I don't like WW2 Bolt Action is because of all the special rules and abilities, reminds me too much of 40K.  So putting it in space means it might just be a watered down version of 40K which is great because I don't like the new version of the rules.  I will also be able to play this game in 15mm without any problem. 


Arena Rex
Well I received all my products for Arena Rex and even painted them all.  I have not played yet but I will get this game on the table in 2015.  I really enjoy Gladiator Combat type games.  Just a few models on the table and a fight to the finish.  When I finished painting these models in 2014 I had some personal loss and it just was pushed to the side.  I will get it on the table real soon.

I played this game back in the day and was excited to see it on Kickstarter.  We had a few local gamers take part in this Kickstarter so maybe we can built a little community around this game.  It is a simple fun game about Big Stompy Robots.  I painted up some of the first wave stuff and should have the rest of my product early in 2015.   The rules are not finalized for publication yet but they can be downloaded from the Reaper web site.  Once some of the other guys get their stuff painted up we will get a few games in and see how the rules work.


The first half of the products for this game were sent out and now we await the second half of the products to be finished and shipped out.  The models look great and all of mine sit in the closet.  I might break them out later this year but it is not high on my list of things I want to do.  


This was my first adventure into game design and marketing and it was not success.  My buddy Jason and I learned from out mistakes and have regrouped and made a lot of changes to the game.  We made it smaller and that will reduce the cost of the game.  While we worked on that I started work on another game called Kings Champions and is based on Jousting.  It is a fun little game but it was designed using custom dice and that had caused us some issues.  It is expensive to make custom dice and we have to make some additional changes.  It is going to Unpub in February along with the redesign of Hooch, fingers crossed that people like these games.  

 Here is a sample of the art.  We are mixing modern day digital art along with hand sketched art that Jason is doing.  It will roll out at the Unpub in February and after that we will get it out to the public for play testing and more feedback.  Once we have everything worked out we will get it up on Kickstarter unless someone buys it from us.  More on this when we have more to share.

 So that is what I have planned for 2015, so "Lets Game". 


Jerry said...

Happy New Year! Let's game is a great slogan for 2015. Looks like you've got some interesting projects lined up. Looking forward to seeing these come together.

Robert Brightwell said...

I am really looking forward to Antares! I did not mention it in my goals for the year but I really hope I can use my vast 40K figure collection with these rules.

fireymonkeyboy said...

I'm curious, what negative feedback did you get on SAGA? I quite enjoy it as well.


Mike Wilster said...

Jerry, I really want to set a date with you and play some games.

Rob, I don't see why we could not use our 40k stuff. Did you download the Beta rules?

Fireymonkeyboy, the negative feedback I received was about the battle boards. They break the traditional way of gaming and the guys I play with did not like that. They didn't like having to roll dice to activate their units. It was not until I tried the game myself I realized how good this game is. I like the battle boards and don't feel they restrict you units movement just the special abilities. Adds a new level of game play that works for this type of gaming.