Thursday, December 4, 2014

CAV Kickstarter

Today I received my first wave of the CAV Kickstarter.  When I first saw the box I was surprised, it was so small then I opened it and they packed this box full of Big Stompy Robots.

I could not wait and had to put some of them together.  They do have multiple parts but they are simple to assemble and can be posed slightly. 

The models have some great detail and I have not noticed a lot of mold lines.  I should be able to just prime and paint and that will take place real soon.  I do have a few concerns.  The bases are all one size, just over one inch and will not work for the larger models.

My buddy Dave how owns Crusaders Retreat has a laser cutter and he recently made me some 2 inch hexs just for these models.  Not sure why Reaper did not make the larger models on a hex base or provide one for the larger models.  

Also, this is a soft plastic so some of the gun barrels are bent.  It is not a big deal and can be correct by running it under hot water.  It will just be an added step and is just something everyone is going to need to do.

Lastly, this guy came with two left arms.  So I will be checking out all my models for similar mistakes and sending Reaper an email.  So far this is the only one with duplicate arms and hope it stays the only one with this mistake.  

I am very excited about this project and can't wait to get them painted.