Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Car Wars

On Friday I was at the game shop and I saw this on the New Release Shelf

This took me back to my childhood and a lot of great memories playing this game with friends.  This is one of the games that took me down the road of gaming.  I had the first edition of this game and we would spend hours designing vehicles and smashing it out on the tabletop.  This was a instant buy for me and when I opened it up it was the same game.  The counters are better, they are a hard cardboard and already punched out.  They are not the card stock sheets that we had to cut out.  This is the original version of the game and it just a reprint.  The thing is this game really never went away, it was just converted to a PDF download from the SJ website.  Put to pick it up at my local game shop was just a great moment and was worth every penny.

On the SJ website they are talking about doing a KS for a 6th edition of the game.  This will be interesting and can't want to see what they do.  For now I will have this version of the game and will be smashing up more cars in the future. 


Mike G. said...

This is one of my favorite games of all time. We played every Saturday all day in high school. I will definitely jump into the kickstarter. I still have all of my books and modules.

Mike Wilster said...

I look forward to their KS and will back it right away. Now sure how I will feel if the change the game too much but some new miniatures would be cool.