Sunday, October 5, 2014

Romans: Touch up and Rebase

Many years ago I purchased a small Roman army to play WAB.  I did not like the way the models were based so I decided to start putting them on new bases.  I had this project on my work bench at my old home when someone decided to break in.  In their rampage of my home this army ended up on the floor.  So while getting my home put back into order after the break in I placed the army in a box to work on at a later date.  Three months later the same people (I assume the same people) decided to visit me again and rampage through my home.  They found this army again and spread it out all over my floor again, I don't think they liked my Romans.  Now this army was packed up while my wife and I found a new place to live.

So it has been over 6 years since I did anything with this army.  A few months back I decided to finish this project and maybe use the models for Hail Caesar.  Instead of just putting them on new bases I also need to fix all the chipped paint and make them look nice again.  Below is the first batch of models I finished yesterday. 

These pictures were taken with my phone and for some reason the red looks a lot brighter then is actually is. 


Inhir said...

Love the Romans mike they look great

Mike Wilster said...

Thanks Buddy. I am getting into the Warlord gaming systems. It is just an updated version of Warmasters. Plus not special rule of your favorite leader.