Saturday, October 11, 2014

My New Painting Table

My wife was having a conversation with me the other day and was complaining that I spend too much time in my Hobby Room.  To be fair, she if right.  I am either painting models for playing my bass guitar in my Hobby Room.  So I decided to convert one of our TV trays into a painting table so that we could spend more time together.  She can do her crafty stuff while I do mine in the same room.  I guess that is what marriage is all about after 15 years. 

So here are some pictures of what I created.

There are some homes being built in my area so I picked out some scrap 2x4 from the trash.  I used my router to create a canal the same thickness as the top on the TV tray.  Then screwed it together, rather simple.

Then I used my sander to round out the edges and smooth out the wood.  Then drilled some holes along the back to hold tools and what not.  If you look at the surface of the tray towards the front you will see two circles.  I drilled two holes and places pegs through them to keep the legs from folding up.  This is a common problem with these TV trays and I need to fix that.

Then I wend out and bought some accessories for my table.

Here it is finished.  I have a small tray off to one side to hold paint and stuff.  I have a bicycle water bottle to hold a cup for cleaning my brushes.  I have a piece of tile to help keep the surface of my table clean.  The desk lamp is optional depending on how might light I have when using.  What I like about this new table is I can take it outside and paint in my backyard.  Happy Wife Happy Life


Tim Kulinski said...

Nice man, great way to keep her happy!

Jerry said...

That looks really cool.

Mike Wilster said...

I got to use it today while cleaning up some models. I was nice outside and worked out great.