Thursday, October 30, 2014

Arena Rex: Micon

I finished my first Arena Rex model and wants to share some pictures.  I picked this model because the helmet was damaged.  The resin is brittle and the helmet came off during shipping.  Nothing some Green Stuff could not fix. 

After cleaning up the flashing and mold lines it was time to work on the base.  I decided to use a fine sand so that it would look more like an arena.  

Here are two pictures at the half way point of painting the model. 

Now the finished product

I am very happy with the way this model turned out.  These models have great detail and this was a joy to paint.  Now I need to get one more painted so I can get this game on the table and play a few rounds. 


Robert Brightwell said...

Looks great!

el zorro said...

nice work! I just got my order - can't wait to get them painted up.

Mike Wilster said...

Thanks Rob

El Zorro these are great models. You will have fun painting them. Just be carful this resin is brittle. As soon as I can post on the forums I will get my pictures up on their site. Have fun