Thursday, October 23, 2014

Arena Rex: Kickstarter

This was a much needed delivery that showed up today to take me away from everything else taking place in my life.  I backed this project in March 2013.  I pledged at the "Ludus Magnus" level ($85) which gave me 5 Gladiators plus 1 bonus Gladiator for a total of 6, Favor Dice, Rule Book, Tokens and Art Cards.  So let me give you a picture unboxing of Arena Rex. 

*As a side note, this was the first KS that I backed that successfully funded and the first that arrived. 

The rule book is an interesting size, 6X6.  It is full color and stapled with quality paper.
The Game Cards, next to the dice, are heavy stock and glossy.  I will sleeve them because that is what I do.  The Dice are cool with a symbol on the 6 and I was sent 10.  The Art Cards are nice just not sure what I am going to do with them yet but give me time I will figure something out.

The Scale of the models are 35mm

The bases and fatigue counters are plastic and will work.

I am not ready to paint the models but took some close up shots of the bodies while still in the bag.

The resin models have some flashing and clean up work but it is what I expect from any company.  Looks like some good glue joints for the arms and extra pieces.  Great detail and I can't wait to get them on the table.

I have only play tested the rules early on and can't wait to read the finished rules.  I am still not sold on all the rule mechanics but willing to give them a try.  If I don't like the rules I will still use the models for other games.

The only negative at this time was the fact that this is not ready for retail.  The models are just in plastic bags stapled at he top.  I hope they figure out something to make this something shops can carry on the shelves.  The delay in shipping should be looked at as a negative but I really can't say that.  This project is almost a year behind schedule and they are still working on some of the models.  I am sure the delay has more to due with their successful KS and that excites me.  They did a great job keeping backers up to date on their progress and the wait was worth it.  I hope this company can expand their product line and they can get it into games shops soon. 

Good Job Red Republic Games

Next week Robotech is scheduled to arrive so be ready for another unboxing


Jerry said...

Looks good. I'm interested to see what you think of the game.

Mike Wilster said...

I can't wait to get some paint on these models. They look great.