Thursday, October 30, 2014

Arena Rex: Micon

I finished my first Arena Rex model and wants to share some pictures.  I picked this model because the helmet was damaged.  The resin is brittle and the helmet came off during shipping.  Nothing some Green Stuff could not fix. 

After cleaning up the flashing and mold lines it was time to work on the base.  I decided to use a fine sand so that it would look more like an arena.  

Here are two pictures at the half way point of painting the model. 

Now the finished product

I am very happy with the way this model turned out.  These models have great detail and this was a joy to paint.  Now I need to get one more painted so I can get this game on the table and play a few rounds. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Robotech: Kickstarter

Well it finally arrived, Robotech.  Another KS that I backed and another KS that is almost a year late.  This is just Wave One, I still have to wait for all the other items that I ordered and those are not in production yet.  I hope once all the Wave One stuff ships out we will get some updates about Wave Two.

I pledged this project at Battle Cry May 2013, it was scheduled to be delivered Dec 2013.  It arrived today Oct 2014.   I also spent another $60 for added items, for a total of $200.

Let me jump into the box and show off what I received.  

This bag of models are all the unlocks and extra free stuff I received on top of what is inside the game box

The box is huge, one of the largest boxes I have seen for a miniatures game.  It is 11.5 X 11.5 X 6 1/8 my little chihuahua can use it as a dog house once I am done with it

Lets see what inside this cool looking box.
Look at all the plastic goodness, looking at these spurs these are not miniatures they are models.  I really like this because I enjoy building Gundam models.  They have all kinds of bits and pieces to create all the different poses.

After removing the models I found all the extra stuff.  

Flipping through the Rule Book I found the painting guide.  This will help me out because I don't know a lot about the Robotech world and need all the help I can get with painting.

I then opened the plastic bag full of models and added it to the box.  It filled the box to the top will all kinds of cool models.

Taking a closer look at the models you can see the detail.  These are going to be a blast to paint.

The bases are cool,  cast arrows to show facing and looks like a name plate on the backside.

The decals are a nice touch.  They were shipped with a protective cover over the decal sheet and they were not damaged in shipping.

The one thing so far I don't like is the fact that I have three different size cards: Regular Cards, Half Cards and 3X5 Cards.  I can place all the cards in card sleeves but the 3X5 cards.  They will have to go in a hard plastic protector.  The cards are used to track wounds and provide the stats and abilities. 

This KS project has been hit with more then one issue with production, shipping and the backers.  I have been on the KS comment page sharing my frustration with some the the decisions made by Palladium Books.  With everything said I am very pleased with what has shown up in Wave One.  I can't wait to get the Wave Two items so I can really enjoy this game.  

Looking at the models I can understand why some gamers might not like building these.  They are models and not miniatures.  You have to build the legs and the body and put all those pieces together.  I think Bandai might have had something to do with the design of the models. They will require more time to build but should be worth the extra time.  

I was a play tester for this game and can be found credited in the rule book, how cool is that.  I can't wait to read the final edition of the rules and see what has changed.  So far I have only flipped through it and like what I have seen so far.

For right now Robotech will be put on the back burner.  I have Arena Rex that arrived last week and want to get those models painted.  Once those are done I will get to work on this project.  I need to test paint the models to find out what primers will work best and what paints I want to use.  I will expect to see this game getting a lot of attention in 2015 from me and other.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Arena Rex: Kickstarter

This was a much needed delivery that showed up today to take me away from everything else taking place in my life.  I backed this project in March 2013.  I pledged at the "Ludus Magnus" level ($85) which gave me 5 Gladiators plus 1 bonus Gladiator for a total of 6, Favor Dice, Rule Book, Tokens and Art Cards.  So let me give you a picture unboxing of Arena Rex. 

*As a side note, this was the first KS that I backed that successfully funded and the first that arrived. 

The rule book is an interesting size, 6X6.  It is full color and stapled with quality paper.
The Game Cards, next to the dice, are heavy stock and glossy.  I will sleeve them because that is what I do.  The Dice are cool with a symbol on the 6 and I was sent 10.  The Art Cards are nice just not sure what I am going to do with them yet but give me time I will figure something out.

The Scale of the models are 35mm

The bases and fatigue counters are plastic and will work.

I am not ready to paint the models but took some close up shots of the bodies while still in the bag.

The resin models have some flashing and clean up work but it is what I expect from any company.  Looks like some good glue joints for the arms and extra pieces.  Great detail and I can't wait to get them on the table.

I have only play tested the rules early on and can't wait to read the finished rules.  I am still not sold on all the rule mechanics but willing to give them a try.  If I don't like the rules I will still use the models for other games.

The only negative at this time was the fact that this is not ready for retail.  The models are just in plastic bags stapled at he top.  I hope they figure out something to make this something shops can carry on the shelves.  The delay in shipping should be looked at as a negative but I really can't say that.  This project is almost a year behind schedule and they are still working on some of the models.  I am sure the delay has more to due with their successful KS and that excites me.  They did a great job keeping backers up to date on their progress and the wait was worth it.  I hope this company can expand their product line and they can get it into games shops soon. 

Good Job Red Republic Games

Next week Robotech is scheduled to arrive so be ready for another unboxing

Friday, October 17, 2014


Not much to say, just finished this guy and figured I would post some pics.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

My New Painting Table

My wife was having a conversation with me the other day and was complaining that I spend too much time in my Hobby Room.  To be fair, she if right.  I am either painting models for playing my bass guitar in my Hobby Room.  So I decided to convert one of our TV trays into a painting table so that we could spend more time together.  She can do her crafty stuff while I do mine in the same room.  I guess that is what marriage is all about after 15 years. 

So here are some pictures of what I created.

There are some homes being built in my area so I picked out some scrap 2x4 from the trash.  I used my router to create a canal the same thickness as the top on the TV tray.  Then screwed it together, rather simple.

Then I used my sander to round out the edges and smooth out the wood.  Then drilled some holes along the back to hold tools and what not.  If you look at the surface of the tray towards the front you will see two circles.  I drilled two holes and places pegs through them to keep the legs from folding up.  This is a common problem with these TV trays and I need to fix that.

Then I wend out and bought some accessories for my table.

Here it is finished.  I have a small tray off to one side to hold paint and stuff.  I have a bicycle water bottle to hold a cup for cleaning my brushes.  I have a piece of tile to help keep the surface of my table clean.  The desk lamp is optional depending on how might light I have when using.  What I like about this new table is I can take it outside and paint in my backyard.  Happy Wife Happy Life