Sunday, September 14, 2014

CAV Strike Operations

So I backed another Kickstarter project, this time is it for Reapers Bones for CAV.  This project is a bit different from other KS projects.  They already have some of the models ready to go and are trying to get funding to finish the product line.  So once the campaign is over they are going to send out models to all the backers.  They also have updated the rules and sent the backers a PDF copy of the rule that they are updating.  This is a simple fun game to play with friends and push around some Stompy Giant Robots, how could I go wrong. 

Check out their KS page, CAV Strike Operations


Mike G. said...

This one should be really good. I played the first edition and second edition of CAV on a regular basis over the years. Version 2 was a great improvement over version 1 and I bet this is a nice refinement of version 2. I can't wait to get my models.

Da Green Skins said...

I have always had fun playing the Reaper games, Warlord and CAV. They just never really caught on at the local shops. I hope the the rules and models can build some excitement around their games. We will need to set up a day to play and push around our Big Stompy Robots.

Tim Kulinski said...

Mike and Mike,

I am interested, do either one of you have the rules and models?

Da Green Skins said...

Hey Tim I was sent a draft copy of the new rules. I have only a small collection of models at the moment. Once the first wave is sent out I will have enough for two players. I will let you pick out a force and paint it up so we can play.

Mike G. said...

I sold all my metal models years ago so I am waiting for the kickstarter to end and get my core right away. I have a copy of the draft rules which are almost complete. You can download the second edition of the rules from the reaper games website. The version 2 rules are very similar to the current rules they are working on.