Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Road Back To 40K

So lets face facts, if you have followed my blog for any length of time you might have noticed I play a lot of different games.  When I first started my blog I was playing Warhammer Fantasy, the name of my blog is a reflection of my love for the Ork race.  One of the reasons I like the Ork race is because of all the modeling that can be done to customize your army especially in 40k.  I am a modeler before a painter and gaming is just something I do with my friends.  When I was playing 40K they did not have all the models to represent the different vehicles and they had to be custom made.  Well, GW got smart and started making models for the different vehicles and players could just buy models instead of building them. 

Over the years I drifted away from 40K for a number of reasons but the cost of the game was the main reason.  My collection of models were just packed up and placed in the closet along with all the other games I have stopped playing.

Lately I have been looking at 40K again.  The game has changed with the and updated rules have captured my attention again.  The game is not about just trying to kill the opposing army.  They have introduced tactic cards and I like how the game plays now.  They have also released some great model kits that have room for conversions and parts for other 40K projects.  So I was pulled back into the world of 40K.

On Friday I picked up the new Stormclaw box set because I still have an issue paying $85 for a rule book.  The box set came with the mini rule book and more models to add to my collection.  The models look great and i can't wait to get them painted.  I am also going to be playing with some of the guys at the shop to learn the rules with some smaller forces.  On of my concerns was if I still have the ability to paint DaGreenSkins.  So I pulled out some fantasy models to see if I still had it.  Here is what I did and stay tune for my Green Tide to flood my blog. 


Mike G. said...

The new rules look quite good.

Monty said...

Looking good!

Phil said...

Great minis!!