Sunday, June 1, 2014

Making Game Tokens

The other day I went to a Scrap Booking Convention with my wife.  She needed me to hold all the bags while she shopped.  I ended up at the Epiphany Crafts booth.  When I saw what this guy was doing I immediately knew his product would make great Gaming Tokens.  This is how it works, you buy his punches that come in a verity of shapes and sizes.  You can then take a picture place it in the punch and then place the plastic bubble cap over the picture, they have adhesive on the bottom.  Then close the lid, press down securing the bubble cap to the picture and cutting out the shape.  I picked up the oval punch and a package of 18 ovals 1 inch by 5/8 inch.

Here is a sample of one I made using my printer at home. 

I was impressed with my prototype and decided to make some more.  Using some clip art I made some Smoke and Fire.  I then had it printed out from the office store on card stock.  What is great about the packaging is the oval bubbles are on a clear sheet, this allows you to test out how it will look before actually punching out the picture. 

So here are some finished tokens.  I made one of the Fire tokens with no text.  It looks really cool and I think it gets the point across that it is on fire.   

I am going to use these tokens for an up coming Blue Max game that I will be hosting.  I know I can just buy tokens from Litko but what fun would that be.  The package of 18 oval bubble caps cost $4.99 and the punch was $19.95.  I can make random tokens or objective markers for any game now.  You never know what you will find at a Scrap Booking Convention.     


myincubliss said...

Nice, great find!

Jerry said...

That is so cool! You will save money in the long run too. Anywhere I can get this locally? I'm not likely to attend as scrap booking convention soon.

Tim Kulinski said...

Hey Mike, Would you be interested in making me some counters for Empire of the Dead?

Da Green Skins said...

Hey guys thanks for the comments.

Jerry you can find some of the punches at Michael's. My wife picked up the one inch round for me today and she has a 40% coupon, score.

Tim if you can't find the punch let me know and I will work on the EOD tokens.

Jerry said...

Thanks,Mike! I'll look for the punches next time I'm there.