Sunday, May 18, 2014

Board Games

Why can't I just be content with board games the way they are intended to be played.  If you follow my blog you might have read my posts on "BlueMax", WW1 Arial Combat.  I played the game once as a board game and then turned around to make it a miniature game.  As a board game it just didn't capture my attention and lacked any visual appeal. 

I have a closet full of board games that I purchased however they just sit in the closet collecting dust.  No matter how great the games are I just can't get excited playing them as a board game.  Deep down inside all my board games were purchased to be turned into miniature games.  Take a look at the board I built for "Command and Colors".  This board was going to be used for many other games that are in my closet, "Memoir 44", "Battle Lore", "Battle of Westeros" and all the other hex type board games.  Then someone offered me a bunch of money for the board and I sold it off.  One day I will have to make another hex gaming board for all the games in m closet. 

Now card games I have no problem with and play them when ever I can.  My favorite card game is "Warhammer Invasion".  This is a non collectable card game set in the world of Warhammer.  I really enjoy playing card game and I have no interest to use miniatures and just enjoy playing them.  Not sure why card games capture my attention but board games don't. 

My gaming group on Fridays have been talking about some of the board games lining the walls at the game shop.  The one game that has captured our attention is "Decent".  It has nice miniatures and a visually appealing board.  So I picked it up last week along with one of the expansions.  It seems that the rules were streamlined and game is much easier to play then the original version.  Now here comes my struggle with this game.  I want to paint all the models and make a game board using the Hirst Arts molds.  No matte how great this game is I just can't play the game as it was intended with plain plastic models and a cardboard game board.  This is why I try to stay away from board games.  I will spend hours casting and painting the board and miniatures to play the game a few times a year.  I can only say that my taste in gaming has grown with my game and just pushing plastic toys around on the table is just not enough for me.  So be prepared to start seeing some Decent posts in the coming months.      



Jerry said...

That Descent board looks really cool. I like the idea of turning these games into miniature games, but lack the dedication or skill to do it.

Descent was a fun game. I played the whole campaign and it was cool. I look forward to what you do with it.

Mike G. said...

I know you like to make and build things but you could save time on casting Hirst Arts molds by buying the bricks pre-casted.

Da Green Skins said...

Hey guys thanks for commenting on my post.

Mike G thanks for sharing the link. I am also looking at some other options for building the board. You are right, I really enjoy building stuff and this is going to be a great project.