Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blue Max Movement Bases

Hey I finished my prototype for my Blue Max Movement Base.  As you can see I am using a Wings of Glory plane.  It is being held up using square tube.  The reason I am going with square tube is so the plane does not spin around.  This is one of the problems with other games I play, Sails of Glory.

My elevation rods will be cut in two inch increments for the 5 different elevations.  Most planes have a max elevation of 4 and most players will stay around 2-4.  So when you change elevation you just simply replace the elevation rod to match.  They were made using three different size of square tube.  The large size is in the base.  The second size is used for the different elevations.  The third size goes on the model plane.  What I like about my system is I don't have to modify the plane.  The square tube if a great friction fit on the peg of the plane. 

I also created a tray to hold 2 16mm dice.  The dice will be used to track fuel for the plane eliminating the tokens.  The dice that I am using came for an old game and I have a small collection of them.  The dice are numbered from 0-5 and 4-9.  So that gives me enough numbers to track my fuel.  Custom dice would not be hard to make with blank dice and stickers. 

So the base that I created eliminates the fuel and elevation tokens.  I have fire tokens from Litko just need to pick up some smoke tokens now.  I know I could use cotton and make some tokens but I really like the Litko stuff.

I like how my prototype turned out and now I just need to wait for my mat and see how it looks on the table.