Thursday, March 20, 2014

Laser Dream Works

I was hired by a friend to build some ships for him.  He is a retired Navy guy and has an interest in playing some games with larger scale ships.  He is just not happy with the scale and quality of the Sails of Glory models, I can't blame him.  So he ordered up a few models from Laser Dream Works.  The reason I was brought into his obsession was the fact that I own power tools and he does not.  The models are made out of wood except for the bottom of the hull.  It was some pink foam material and just was not cut correctly.  So he asked if I could build the hulls out of some other material.  I looked the models over and told him I could make them out of MDF and then put some plastic card on the bottom.  So I was hired to build the bottom of the hulls of his two models.

I was surprised how nicely these models went together.  Very few issues with the leaser cuts, two pieces in total did not come out freely and needed some small cuts to be removed.  They turned out nice and will look great on the table.  My payment for building his models will be a model of my own to build and play in his game.  I guess that is one way to get your friends to play the games that you want to play.

18 Gun

10 Gun 

Side by Side

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Blue Max

I have always enjoyed playing games focused around WW1 Air Combat.  There are many games that have come and gone that provide some great dog fighting rules.  Wings of War is one of the more current set of rules on the market.  I picked this game up when it first came out and all we had were cards to represent our planes.  Then they started to release painted planes to go with the game.  Once they did that the game was a smash hit at the local shop I play at.  The owner could not keep them in stock.  Over time the excitement around Wings of War drifted away.  I have played my fair share of this game and always felt like it was missing something.  For me the rules were too watered down and it was just a fun filler game, like Monopoly.  I then placed Wings of War in the closet with the other WW1 air combat games that I have enjoyed over the years.

Then recently my interest for WW1 air combat resurfaced.  My buddy Jerry has been doing some WW2 air combat games that reignited my interest.  My original intentions was to convert Richthofen's War over to a miniatures game.  It would not be that hard with the Wings of War planes all I needed to do was get a hex mat and teach people how to play.  Then a mutual friend of Jerry's and I mentioned that I should look at Blue Max/Canvas Eagles.  This is a free set of rules to download and they use 1/72 model airplanes.  So I was reading rules and getting ready to start building bases so I could use my Wings of War planes and everything came to a sudden stop.  Last week when I walked into the games shop I saw some new games sitting on the front table.  The title of on one of the those boxes was "Blue Max" and it had picture of WW1 planes.

I purchased it immediately.  The game is being put out by Stratelibri and is the second edition.  My buddies and I played it yesterday without any optional rules and had fun.  Just the basic rules were a nice step up from Wings of Glory.  Being familiar with Blue Max/Canvas Eagle I could see the similarities with the rules.  It would be safe to say when expansions come out for this game more rules will come out adding to this games complexity.  I feel some of the optional are a must for this game after you have learned the basic mechanics.  There are many optional rules but three of them are important; Altitude, Fuel and Ammo.  The reason I feel they are important rules is so that the game has a forced ending.  In yesterdays game it was down to just two planes and the game was not coming to an end.  That was one of the issues I had with Wings of War, just two planes drifting around on the table.  Using the Fuel and Ammo (Lewis Gun on Bristol F.2B) optional rules creates a resource that needs to be managed and can cause the game to have a forced ending.  The Altitude rules are important for combat and in air collisions.  If you are not using the Altitude optional rule then there are no in air collisions.  Also Altitude will make it harder to shot at other plans.  These were just some of our observations from yesterdays game.

So what is next for me with this game.  Lets face it, I am a modeler before a gamer.  This game uses cardboard punch outs played on a board, it is a board game.  That needs to change if it is going to continue to capture my attention.  When Wings of Glory first came out with cards I was finding planes to use instead of cards.  Then once they started to release painted plans I started to buy them.  For me this game needs to be played on a larger board or mat, I am ordering a Hotz mat.  It also will need planes, guess I found a use for my Wings of Glory planes.  I also started to collect 1/72 model planes to build and paint.  If the future expansions don't add to the games complexity then I will go back to Blue Mar/ Canvas Eagles.  For right now this is a fun game and is available for purchase at my local shop.  So I will be making bases for my Wings of Glory planes, ordering a mat and playing Blue Max.      

Sunday, March 2, 2014

What Happened to February

I can't believe that February is already gone.  I was busy all month and not that much really got done.  I worked on my boxes for Command and Colors and now have two done.

I started working on my 15mm French.  I individually based them on 1/2 metal bases so I can use them for different gaming systems.

I also finished my bass guitar project that I started a few months back.

That is about all that I worked on this month.  The highlight of the month was playing in a Bolt Action Event.  My buddy Tim revitalized the "Gathering in the Desert" events now playing Bolt Action.   If you want to see some of the action check out the blog page, Gathering in the Desert.  I am still not a real big fan of Bolt Action but I am a big fan of hanging out with my friends for two days playing games.  That is what gaming is all about at the end of the day.

So what will I be working on this month, back to the British Infantry for Black Powder.