Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year End Report

Another lost year of gaming in 2013.  For the past few years I have been trying to find I game that is fun to play and that I enjoy playing.  I played a lot of different rule systems this year and many of them just fell flat for one reason or another. 

So what did I do in 2013.  I painted two forces for different games.  One for Bolt Action and one for A Call to Arms.  I had high hopes for both games and both fell flat.  So not being happy with games being sold at the local shops I started looking at Kickstarter.  I backed two games that were scheduled to be released in December and both were pushed back.  So I don't plan to see Arena Rex or Robotech till April 2014.  I was introduced to Genesha Games and really liked their rule systems.  They released a new set of rules call Samurai Robots and it was perfect for Gundam models.  Converted and Painted up a model to play it once and it was shot down.  I didn't even bother posting pictures of my model because I was not going to be playing it.  So getting frustrated I picked up a bass guitar project and spent a few months working on it.  I needed that break from painting and it gave me time to rethink my gaming life.  It just was not an exciting gaming year for me so lets see if 2014 is any better. 

What is on the horizon for 2014. 

  • I have already started painting up my British Napoleonic and will continue working on them.  It is rumored that a big Black Powder game will be taking place in October and I am committed to paint a block of 24 models.
  • I should see both my Kickstarters delivered this year and hope the rules are worth a damn.  So far I have only seen play test rules and not that impressed.
  • More card games with my buddy Jerry because I enjoy playing card games with him.
  • I am going to continue painting my French force for Flames of War.  My buddy and I are going to be using the Gaslight rule system for WW2.  
  • Something new this year will be a model train board.  My wife has asked me to put together a Christmas train scene for our home.  I picked up an N scale Bachmann train set and a ranch house.  Throughout the year I will be chipping away on this project and it should be done by next December.  (Thanks for the advice on this Tim) 
  • I will continue to work on my other blog page talking about Rocksmith and Bandfuse.  Not really table top gaming but still gaming.  If you are interested it is intuneeadg
  • I am going to attend one Gamers Garage Sale and clear out a lot of my models and gaming stuff that I am not using.
  • I have a friend that is developing a game and will continue to assist him with play testing and all that good stuff.  It is a fun card game and I will post information as it becomes available. 
To be honest 2014 will be another year looking for a game that I can play on a regular basis.  I have some friends that I get to play with a few times a year and we have games that we play and enjoy.  I play with other friends regularly at the games shop on Fridays.  We just can't seem to find a set of rules that fit our gaming taste.  I hope this is the year I find that game I can get behind, support and really enjoy playing.

Have a great New Year      

Thursday, December 19, 2013

British Invasion

It has been four months since I posted anything about gaming.  I still have been gaming and pushing models around on the table just not painting.  I decided to start painting my British Napoleonic figures again for the holidays.  Last year I painted 4 model and worked out my color pallet and didn't write that information down.  So I had to start all over again and this time I wrote it down. 

This project is going to see a lot of activity next year.  It is rumored that their will be a big Black Powder Napoleonic game taking place in 2014.  I have been asked to get at least a unit of 24 British painted.  So here is the 5th model that will be added to my collection.  All of his chaps will be joining him over the next few months.

I changed two colors from last year.  I went with a lighter green so you could identify the unit designation.  I also went with a lighter color of grey on the paints.  You can see the difference is the photo below.

What do you think?