Monday, April 29, 2013

Bolt Action: Last 250 Points

Last night I finished painting my last installment of Bolt Action. Now I need to find some people that want to play it. I guess the game is lacking something for some members of our small group and they have moved on to other games. Jerry and I talked about getting together and playing a few games so we can form our own opinion about the rules. We haven't set a date because I want to finish painting the rest of collection. I still have about 10 models left over and want them to flush out my force list.  So below are the models I painted this month.

This is my 50 cal team.  I am missing the fourth member, it is drying.  I did make a custom base for the gun and I like the way it turned out.
This is my forward observing team.  I have one of the guys holding a shotgun.  I didn't notice any rules for shotguns but it looks cool and that is all that matters to me.
This is my 30 cal team.  I really like how these guys turned out.
This is a stray BAR guy.  He will be going into my next unit of guys.
Here is my next unit of guys.  I just dipped them last night so they are drying.  Once they are dry I will get the next 6 painted up giving me a full strength unit.

You know I want to be open and honest with something that took place during this challenge.  It appears that our small group has come to a cross roads.  Some things were said and some feelings got hurt over the past few months.  It has caused a divide in the group and I am not sure what the future holds for the group as a whole.  It is interesting how this group came together over one game, Lord of the Rings and has drifted away over one game, Bolt Action.  I know that my blog page is not the place to tell readers about our group dynamics however readers might have noticed some comments or tension within our posts, comments or lack of comments.  Maybe the group just needs time apart to explore different interests and gaming.  We no longer have that one game we all like, Lord of the Rings, and we are all looking for something different in gaming.  I feel that is what has pulled our group apart.  For me I will continue to look for that game I can get excited about and can have fun playing with my group of friends.