Thursday, December 19, 2013

British Invasion

It has been four months since I posted anything about gaming.  I still have been gaming and pushing models around on the table just not painting.  I decided to start painting my British Napoleonic figures again for the holidays.  Last year I painted 4 model and worked out my color pallet and didn't write that information down.  So I had to start all over again and this time I wrote it down. 

This project is going to see a lot of activity next year.  It is rumored that their will be a big Black Powder Napoleonic game taking place in 2014.  I have been asked to get at least a unit of 24 British painted.  So here is the 5th model that will be added to my collection.  All of his chaps will be joining him over the next few months.

I changed two colors from last year.  I went with a lighter green so you could identify the unit designation.  I also went with a lighter color of grey on the paints.  You can see the difference is the photo below.

What do you think?   


Robert Brightwell said...

Very nice!

Scott said...

Looks good - what manufacturer are they?

Da Green Skins said...

Thanks guys, those are Perry Brothers.

Tim Kulinski said...

Nice man, I get my French on Christmas, so I look forward to facing you on the other side of the table.