Friday, November 1, 2013

I'm Kind-of-Back

It has been over two months since my last post and I felt it was time to show everyone what I have been working on.  It is not a miniature however required a lot of my skills as a painter to get it done.

So let me start by letting everyone know that I play bass guitar and have for many years.  One thing I always wanted to do was refinish and rebuild a guitar.  I never really did anything when I was younger because the technology in spray paint was not advance enough and my wallet was not thick enough.  Well times have changed and you can now buy two part epoxy spray primer and my wallet has gotten a bit thicker since High School. 

About two months ago I found a bass guitar on ebay that I could not resist.  It is a 1960's lawsuit bass most likely an Ibanez however I have no way to know for sure.  It was a great deal and in terrible shape.  The back of it has water damage and someone carved Nirvana Forever.  So for the past two months I have been sanding, fixing and painting my new bass guitar.

I am real happy with the way it turned out and just need to put the hardware back on and start playing. 

So now that I got this out of my system I can start working on some miniature models again.  I have a few things on the work bench that I been wanting to get done so it is back to painting miniatures. 


Robert Brightwell said...

Outstanding! That looks great!

Da Green Skins said...

Thanks Rob, it has been a lot of fun working on this and can't wait to play it. I have also been playing Rocksmith 2014 for the past two weeks and it is a big improvement to the game.

Danisnotatree said...

I just rewired an old strat imitation. This looks like a Gibson les Paul body. Haven't seen a bass like that before. Are you upgrading the pick ups or are you sticking with what it came with?

Da Green Skins said...

Danisnotatree from what I have been told it is a lawsuit bass modeled after the Gibson Les Paul. I am replacing all the pots and pickups with EMG products. This bass is going to ROCK.

Da Green Skins said...

Hey Jerry I got your comment but I must have hit the wrong button and it went away, sorry buddy. To answer your question I do like Nirvana however carving it in the back of a guitar is not the proper way to show it. Did you have a change to look at those rules I sent you?

Jerry said...

I was getting a complex!

Yeah, carve it on the front of the guitar... sheesh! Ha ha.

No Haven't got the rules, but I'll check spam filter to see what happened. Probably stuck in there somewhere.