Thursday, July 25, 2013

DreadBall Test Painting

After cleaning the mold lines on a few models I had to decided on a paint scheme.  I have been working with these colors on a different painting project and thought it would look good on this team.  I like the way it turned out and on Friday my buddy Jim and I are going to get our first game in.  Can't wait to learn this rules and get some games in.


Tim Kulinski said...


Nice work man, I really like the paint job. It gives the feel of a nice dirty, sweaty, and run down look that fits with Orcs.

I see you have red in the base, is it a colored base? I thought they were all clear? It looks good man, I like it!

When you going to show me how to play?

Da Green Skins said...

Thanks Tim. The bases do come in clear what I did was painted the underside of it. So it kinda looks like glass in person. We will need to schedule a day to play so I can show you the basics of the game.

fireymonkeyboy said...

Looks good. It's got a sense of mass, if you get what I mean.


Jerry said...

Look great! I've got to get my Corporation team to the painting table soon. Though I've only played one game it was fun. I think you'll like it after you play it.