Sunday, June 2, 2013

More Bolt Action

So last month was a crazy great month for me.  My birthday gaming weekend was fantastic.  The weekend started out playing at the shop with my buddies Jim and Nuke Mike.  We played Wings of Glory and had a lot of fun.  We must have played 4-5 games and I picked up a few new planes for my collection.

Then on Saturday I was at Jerry's house.  We played a lot of cards games like Warhammer Invasion and DC Deck Building.  Then Jerry taught me how to play X-wing.  I really have a great time gaming with Jerry because we both like card games and miniature gaming.  He turned me on to a few new games, Armour Clash and the Lord of the Rings deck building game. 

Then Sunday I took part in a grand Black Powder game.  We played on a 6X12 table and had over 700 painted miniatures to push around.  Check up the write ups on my friends blogs.

Cursed Treasures

Drunken Samurai

Ponatowski's Legions

Then later in the week my wife and I went out to watch the new Star Trek movie.  It was a good movie and after watching it I was inspired to start playing Call to Arms: Star Fleet.  So on Friday I picked up the Klingon squad box. 

That is a recap of the events of my gaming weekend and I wanted to thank all my friends for helping me celebrate my 43rd birthday, YOU GUYS ROCK.

I did mange to get some painting in during the month of playing my guitar and playing games. 

Six man Squad of infantry men

 Mortar team

30 Cal machine gun team


Tim Kulinski said...

Glad we could make your 43rd B-day awesome man, dude, now your are old!!!!

So, these additions to your Americans, these can't be the new stuff you picked up is it? They look good man.

Jerry said...

Looks good,Mike. Glad you had a great birthday!